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Thanks for visiting our website. You may have come here via a search or perhaps after some initial contact with one of our account managers. Either way, thanks for taking time to check us out.

At The Electric Board we are committed to making a positive difference to the way your business spends its hard earned income on energy.

We carefully create an energy contract for you that future proofs against extortionate cost increases and together with our range of supportive services we deliver peace of mind and ultimately long term savings for your business.

Our pledge to you as a client or prospective client is to review your usage, listen to your needs and then to take your requirements to the energy suppliers. If energy costs have risen since you last entered a contract, we’ll look to find the least worst option for you and if they have been falling we’ll look to save you money. It’s as simple as that.

How does it work?

We usually start by analysing your current energy use, what you’re spending, how you’re spending it and start to profile your business. We can even provide a solution for groups of businesses or more complicated energy intensive enterprises.

From here we can initially propose where outright savings can be made then work with our panel of OFGEM licensed suppliers to offer fixed competitive year on year costs for you depending on your preferred term. Often our clients are often renewing a contract which was signed 3 or 4 years previously. In these circumstances savings are often not possible and it becomes an exercise of damage limitation; ie finding the least worst price increase. Such is the nature of the fluctuating wholesale energy markets. One thing is for sure though, it pays to invest some time looking at your options, especially if you are “out of contact”.

Every business is unique and yours is no exception, we aim to pair you with the right services that will support you best, whether that’s regular energy audits, smart meters or helping you meet your renewable energy requirements.

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The Electric Board

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Our trusted suppliers

Here at The Electric Board we’d be nothing without close partnerships with the energy suppliers. Many people will have heard about the so called Big Six suppliers (BG, Scottish Power, EDF, Eon nPower and SSE) but there are many more independent suppliers with whom we work. We’ve built our relationships with them over the years so we can best serve you, our client. There are many factors affecting the price of energy (such as supply and demand as well as other less tangible things like international affairs) and our job is to navigate you through the noise and place your business with the supplier that best meets your needs.

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