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Getting you the best energy deal

The Electric Board is here to save your business the time and hassle required to get a good energy deal. There are many factors affecting the price of energy (such as supply and demand as well as other less tangible things like international affairs). We can place your business with the supplier that best suits your individual needs.

Dealing with large energy providers is notoriously time-intensive and frustrating. Most businesses will only go through this process every 12 months, whereas we do this every day. What this means is that we have greater insight into market conditions and where to look to future proof your business energy costs.

Transparent, Trusted Energy Consultants

The Electric Board is a customer service driven business. We have operated in this sector for a number of years and recognise that the ongoing success is due to building long term relationships with our clients. In order to get the best energy deal, businesses need more than a pricing tool; they need to deal with consultants such as ourselves.

By working closely with you, taking the time to understand your business and energy infrastructure, we are typically able to identify efficiencies which could save energy and reduce your costs. As energy prices and associated costs continue to increase across the marketplace, businesses need to manage their energy well. We help you devise an energy buying strategy to protect your business against market rises.

Our key differentiator is that unlike other brokers we operate with transparency. What this means is that we are open about our commissions. There are many unscrupulous businesses in this marketplace. This has caused damage to the reputation of the energy broker market over the years. Our aim to help change the perception of energy brokers with our dealings. Whilst the energy broker industry is unregulated, we firmly adhere to Ofgem’s Code of Practice (CACoP).

The Electric Board

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Working in partnership

The Electric Board partners with a large pool of energy suppliers, from the big six to many more independent suppliers. We work hard to ensure you are on the right contract with the right supplier.

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