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DCP 161 – What it could mean to your business

11 Jun 2018

DCP 161 is a new measure which has been introduced by Ofgem as of the 1st of April to ensure that half hourly supplies that exceed their assigned available capacity pay significantly more. It is a change to the DCUSA (Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement) that will bring in excess capacity penalties for […]

10 Fun Facts About Electricity

wind terbine
02 May 2018

Electricity is now a necessity in modern life whether it be for powering all of our modern technology or simply lighting up a street once the sun has set. At The Electric Board we know that Electricity is what allows 90% of modern businesses in the UK no matter how large or small to operate. We […]

Training Energy Consultants

The Electric Board
23 Apr 2018

The Electric Board New Energy Consultants Here at The Electric Board we love nothing more than taking in fresh new recruits and training them up to becoming outstanding energy consultants, below is a live action shot of yesterday’s training session. Inspired by the motivation feature wall in the training room we know our new recruits […]

Switching Business Energy Supplier

5 steps
20 Apr 2018

Our simple 5 step process takes the hassle out of switching your energy supplier: Get in early Most people leave sorting their energy contracts until the last minute but can often miss out on better deals that were available earlier. The Electric Board can often negotiate your new rates 12 months in advance of your […]

The Electric Board Donating to – The Alan Shearer Foundation

charity logo
16 Apr 2018

About The Alan Shearer Foundation: The Alan Shearer Foundation was set up to directly support the Alan Shearer Centre in Newcastle: a highly specialist, disability, respite, residential and social provision for people with complex disabilities and acute sensory impairments. The Charity needs to raise at least £250,000 every year to ensure that they can continue to provide […]

Are the Big Six suppliers losing their grip on the UK energy market?

27 Mar 2018

Just six energy suppliers monopolised the UK energy market after the gas and electricity networks were privatised, but over 60 smaller rivals have since emerged as effective competition. Is the stranglehold of the Big Six energy suppliers coming undone?

Gas shortage highlights challenge for government

09 Mar 2018

Growth of the global LNG market has obliterated the business case for national gas storage, leaving the UK vulnerable to price shocks and supply shortages.