Common Tariffs

There are a number of business electricity and gas tariffs on the market. The electricity and gas contract tariffs available to your business will depend upon your businesses size and energy spend.

The Electric Board

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Energy products can generally be grouped into the following types:

  • Fixed Price Business Gas and Electricity Tariffs
    A fixed unit price rate for a fixed duration
  • Tracker Price Business Gas and Electricity Tariffs (Also known as Variable Price Tariffs)
    A unit price rate that changes based on wholesale market movements.



  • Blend and Extend Business Electricity and Gas Tariffs
    An extension of your existing contract for a longer duration that obtains a unit rate comprising of an average between your current contractual rate and the current available market rate.
  • Flexible Purchasing Business Electricity and Gas Tariffs
    Complete energy management allowing you buy or sell any element of your energy requirement

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