For businesses that have multiple sites and meters, The Electric Board offer a number of services which can both reduce costs and the resource that go into managing these complicated setups.

For multi site energy users we are able to negotiate bespoke contracts allowing all sites to be supplied by the same energy supplier with the same start and end dates. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, contracts are easier to manage, saving time and resource. Secondly, you will be buying larger volumes of energy which leaves you in a stronger position to negotiate better value deals with energy suppliers.

In our experience multi site energy businesses don’t get the best deals because of the complexity in managing all contracts which makes negotiating a better renewal deal difficult. The Electric Board has the capability to manage this process for you and find you the most competitive range of business energy tariffs and contracts available.

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Does your existing brokers disclose their commission? We do. This helps us build trust and develop long term relationships.



We are a customer service business. We earn trust by helping our clients understand the complexities of the energy market, saving them time.



Businesses need more than an energy pricing tool. They need experienced industry practitioners who can offer a bespoke energy solution.