The Electric Board does exactly what is says on the tin. It helps businesses optimise their energy costs by consulting a board (or panel) of suppliers to bring the best value to our clients. Operating as part of the IU Consult Group the Electric Board specialise in all aspects of energy procurement and are able to provide access to the very best pricing and energy management services available.

The Electric Board

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Business Energy

Getting the best deal on your business energy is not as straight forward as it may first appear. Due to the complexity of the market many businesses often find themselves paying over the odds for their energy.

With so many suppliers, each with multiple tariffs and contract terms, getting the right deal for your business often requires significant time and effort being put into researching the market and understanding the best supplier and tariff that is right for your organisation.

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Half Hourly Electricity

A half hourly electricity (HH) meter has a profile class of “00”. You can see the profile class in your Meter Point Admin Number (MPAN).

Sites with a peak load of 100kW and above need to be equipped with half-hourly meters which record total consumption every half-hour and pass the information to the energy supplier. The data recorded is collected usually by either an onsite download, or via a GSM, SMS, GPRS or telephone line.

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Multi-site Energy Customers

For businesses that have multiple sites and meters we offer a number of services which can both reduce costs and help reduce the resource that go into managing energy contracts. One of the most popular multi-site customers services is one whereby we are able to negotiate bespoke contracts allowing all sites to be supplied by the same company with common start and end dates. That way all of the contract renewals for every site will be aligned, significantly reducing the hassle in keeping track of when contracts start and end.

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Energy Management

Renegotiating your renewal is only part of what needs to be done to keep down energy related costs. Valuable resource is often dedicated to liaising with suppliers on energy related matters which can be anything from complex billing queries and metering issues, right up to site work requirements and the implementation of energy management systems.

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Energy Audits (ESOS)

Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a new regulation which will require all large UK enterprises to have organisational energy audits every four years. The legislation came into force on 17th July 2014. To find out more about ESOS and to see whether your organisation needs to comply visit our ESOS guide.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy contracts allow your business to support energy generated from sources such as, wind, hydroelectricity and solar power. More and more businesses are looking to renewable energy as a means to help reduce their impact on the environment but also to help meet certain renewable obligations they may have.

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Smart Meters

The government is looking to get every business in the UK using Smart Meters as soon as possible as they improve the accuracy of billing.

There are so many businesses being billed on estimated readings and unless you are carrying out a reconciliation exercise regularly you could be paying for energy you are not even using. Equally you might be getting under billed and so have built up a debt you were not aware of. This can mean that you can’t leave your current supplier and end up being stuck on out of contract rates until the debts have been cleared.

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Bill Validation

Inaccurate and incorrect business utility bills, estimated billing, meter faults, incorrect VAT charges, and incorrect application of your business utility prices, can be extremely costly for any business – and they are surprisingly common. Despite this few businesses carry out audits on their billing and so lose out on money they are entitled to. The Electric Board can provide a bill validation service where we will analyse your previous bills and, where necessary, submit claims for refunds on overpayments on your behalf. Going forward you can be rest assured your bills will be checked to ensure they’re accurate and that any issues that are identified are corrected before they become a bigger concern.

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