Meet The Team

We’re extending the warmest of welcomes to our newest and very experienced team member Ian Turnbull. Today we’ve asked him 10 very interesting questions to get to know him that little bit better.


Ian and Daryl Harris (Harris Truck and Van NE Ltd)

Tell us a little bit more about you: 

I am a technical person at heart, I learnt my trade as a motor vehicle technician and loved my time on the spanners, having something to ‘fix’ always felt compelling. That engineering background has shaped my path throughout my career.

Tell me about an accomplishment that shaped your career.

My first promotion into a leadership role, having the support of some outstanding managers who encouraged and helped me achieve.

How do you learn?

Constant reading based on an acute interest in learning something new, each industry I have worked in has had its own complexities to learn and understand.

I have often learned the ‘hard way’ by trial and error…. experience has taught me over time how to approach and deal with different scenarios.

Would you do business with TEB if you were a customer?

 My relationship with Ross and The Electric Board started over 8 years ago as I was ultimately responsible for the utilities during my previous role.

The scope of premises I was responsible for was wide and varied, with significant usage at certain sites, operating huge energy intensive machinery resulting in many complexities.

We were a ‘customer’ of a previous North East broker, but I felt the service levels were lacking.

I invited Ross and his team to assist me in several aspects of the energy journey. This included procurement, new connections and disconnections.  Multi-site consolidation and KVA analysis (to name but a few). All areas we successfully tackled together.

I have the unique experience and expertise to understand the relationship from both sides of the table.

What made you choose to work for The Electric Board?

The world of energy brokers / consultants is a tainted one from years of miss practice and poor customer experiences.

My journey with The Electric Board gave me an insight into the world of energy and energy brokerages. I saw an opportunity to add my knowledge and skill set, helping drive TEB forward.

The Electric Board’s own mission statement of being transparent was key, as I believe this is the only way the industry can shake off the image it currently has.

What are your personal goals and the goals of TEB?

To share my knowledge with others every day, do work that interests me and keeps my mind active and enjoy all aspects of work and family life.

To be well regarded, revolutionise the broker sector by providing great service and transparency, acquiring customers and keeping them happy.

What was your starting mission?

Great customer service with regular contact and support and to provide visibility allowing customers to decide what’s right for themselves, letting them make informed decisions with our support.

Do you work locally or nationally?

As a company we operate across the UK & ROI.

My workload so far has been within the local region, working with customers on a face to face basis by visiting them on site. This helps to get a real understanding of their needs and wants.

I feel this approach is key to providing the customer with the best outcome in the quickest timescale.

In your own words, can you tell me what The Electric Board do?

We work alongside customers to help them with all utility needs. Our ‘Unique Selling Point’ is the fact we do it honestly and transparently. Giving the customer the necessary information to make an informed decision.

What are we doing well, and where is there opportunity to grow?

We have great stability in the business which is always important, this has come from the many years the company has been operating. There is also a great opportunity to grow and innovate, something we are very keen to do. Of course nurturing our current customers goes without saying and this is something The Electric Board do extremely well.