Ross Gill, 35, is Co-Founder and Sales Director at The Electric Board. He’s been with the company from the very beginning. Today we’re taking a little look at what Ross’s life at the Electric Board looks like. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work at an energy consultancy or what powers our sales team, here’s how a typical day for Ross runs…

6:30 am

I’m one of those ‘morning people’, so I’m usually awake before the alarm goes off. 

I spend a few minutes scrolling through the morning headlines on news apps and read the LinkedIn Daily Roundup before checking energy-specific websites. Next, I turn on Piers Morgan and listen to him talk-over whatever guest is being ‘interviewed’ that morning.

7.00 am

My seven-year-old daughter is generally awake by now, thanks to our cat Tabatha scratching at her door to demand attention.

We go downstairs and make breakfast; pancakes with banana seems to be her favourite right now.

As she munches and chatters away, I iron her school uniform and packing her bag for school

8:30 am

Once we are set and ready to go, we jump in the car and take a fifteen-minute drive to school. I try to make the journey as stress-free as possible with chit chat and sing-along songs, so she starts her school day in an upbeat mood. 

8:55 am

I start my commute into the city centre and read the various texts, Whatsapp messages and emails that have been pinging away on my phone.

By the time I get in the car, I will already have a list of people to call using my car handsfree. At the top of the list will usually be my Sales Manager who will tell me information such as the daily sales forecast, along with my ‘right-hand woman’ Michelle, who further briefs me on my day.

Traffic is usually slow, so I’ve come to see this as valuable time to have conversations and ensure the traffic jam is as productive as possible. 

I use a dictation app to record me talking, making audio notes of ideas, things to trial and get going, and customers I need to catch up with. 

This drive time also gives me the chance to catch up with supplier business development managers about ongoing tenders we’re working on.

9:45 am

By the time I arrive at the office the day is in full swing and there will usually be a few people waiting to catch up with me to chat things through. The first chat tends to be with Craig our sales manager. He lets me know what people need from me, so I can prioritise my tasks and conversations. 

Some of our larger accounts, in particular, require very close monitoring and management, so I always go to the Key Account Managers for a catch up to stay up to date and ensure everything is running smoothly.  

Once the sales team are happy, I drop into the finance office to hear about any issues or matters that may need my input. 

11:00 am

I try not to schedule any meetings before 11 am because I know meetings often over-run. Instead, I like to make sure the morning’s tasks are fully ironed out before moving away from the sales floor. 

Right now, that means spending some time each day sitting down with our Operations Direction to discuss and further develop our unique CRM, Paradigm. We’ve purpose-built the system to be industry-specific and it’s really important to us that its functionality aligns with our key goals of providing transparency and consistently excellent service to our customers. The system is up and running well but it’s something we want to continually develop so that it provides as much value as possible. Sometimes a caffeine injection is needed to fuel ideas.

1:00 pm

We’re right in the centre of town so it’s tempting to eat out all the time. But when we refurbed the offices we added a few bits and pieces that make eating lunch with colleagues in the office a really attractive option.  Some days I join in with watching the TV or playing on the Xbox or Foosball Table.  I do venture out on other days and might take staff members out for lunch to plan personal development or as thanks if someone has been performing really well. We’re a close team and I like to keep up with staff as people as well as employees. 

1: 45 pm

I sit in with the afternoon sales ‘buzz’ meeting held by Craig, adding any information or points from my end. 

2: 00 pm

Being a salesperson at heart, I like to be on the ‘shop floor’. 

My seat of choice is in the Customer Care and Renewals team. Hearing the conversations that the guys have with repeat customers is fantastic. Yes, winning a sale is thrilling, but keeping a customer happy during their contract period and renewing them is an even bigger achievement. 

4:00 pm

During the afternoon I will have a meeting with our Commercial & Technical Manager to discuss his ongoing workload along with how, if at all, I can assist. 

I will equally catch up with our Partner Sales Manager to see what activity and opportunities we have on the go outside of the office. 

5:30 pm

I’ll write a quick ‘must-do’ list, pack up my laptop and head to the car. 

My homeward journey is in many ways a reverse of my commute to work. I’ll catch up on any calls I’ve missed during the day.

Once I feel ready, I’ll put on whatever audiobook I’m listening to at the time. I tend to stick to non-fiction stuff like psychology books or autobiographies. If you’ve listened to any good ‘uns you think I’d like, I’d love to hear your recommendations.