The Electric Board is pioneering transparency and disclosure as standard, in a market that has previously been renowned for high commissions and hidden costs. We have operated in this sector since 2011 and recognise that the ongoing success of our business is due to building long term relationships with our clients. In order to get the best energy deal, businesses need more than a pricing tool; they need to deal with energy experts and pricing specialists like The Electric Board.

​Our key differentiator is that unlike other energy consultants, energy comparison sites, and brokerages, we operate transparently in regards to our commissions. We believe a relationship based on trust and mutual affinity can produce the best results.

The Electric Board comprises of a team of industry expert energy procurement and business utility specialists'.


Our main focus is to evaluate all aspects of energy consumption for our clients. Often within a wide range of organisations, spanning all major industries including corporate, multi-site, SME, sole traders and charities.

​We offer advice and solutions to help your business become more energy-efficient, maximise environmental sustainability, and to help you find the most cost-effective business energy plan to suit your industry and energy usages.

​We will take a more detailed look at the consumption habits and needs, procure the best energy deal on the market for your business, and provide case studies and easy to implement tips to help you improve your carbon footprint.