Bill Validation

Energy bill validation helps you avoid inaccurate, incorrect utility bills. Estimated billing, meter faults, incorrect VAT charges, and incorrect application of your business utility prices are surprisingly common issues and can be extremely costly for any business.

Despite this, few businesses carry out audits on their billing and lose out on the money they are entitled to.

The Electric Board can provide bill validation services to help you avoid unnecessary costs. We analyse your previous bills and where necessary, submitting claims for refunds on overpayments on your behalf. We ensure bills are accurate and that any issues are identified and corrected before they become a larger concern.

Our bill validation service includes regular checks on your energy invoices, ensuring:

  • There is no overcharging due to contract or administration errors.
  • You are getting the deal you agreed.
  • Your billed consumption is accurate, avoiding over or undercharging.

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