The Electric Board adheres to the TPI Code of conduct, which is set out as follows:

  • OFGEM, who regulate the gas and electricity market have introduced a code of practice to which they expect Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) to work to.

  • The objective of this Code is to ‘protect the interests of non-domestic consumers and, in particular, their interests in having the confidence that when using a Third-Party Intermediary (TPI), the TPI will act in a fair, honest, appropriate and transparent manner and effectively assist them with their energy supply needs.’

  • To ensure that our customers can be confident in the service we provide The Electric Board operate within the guidelines set out by OFGEM.

  • All employees of the Electric Board are subject to a rigorous selection process and training program including regular industry updates and assessments.

  • Our employees will look to provide advice in a clear and truthful manner, taking special care not to mislead in any way or use any “high pressure” sales tactics.

  • Any quotations will be provided in writing so that you can read and disseminate the information and decide on what option, if any, in your own time. These quotations will be presented in a way which makes the different options easily comparable with one another.

  • We hope you never need to but if you feel it necessary to lodge a complaint we have an appropriate complaint handling procedure to ensure it is dealt with effectively and in a timely manner.

  • Periodic audits will be undertaken to ensure compliance with the code.

  • For more details visit the TPI Code of Conduct website here.