Whether you are obligated under the ESOS scheme to have an energy audit or not, The Electric Board is able to offer a comprehensive audit service which will identify areas where cost savings and energy reductions can be made. 

Don't worry, we can help!

Energy audits are becoming an increasingly popular way to reduce operating costs and help meet carbon reduction obligations.


Where there is a requirement for it, we would arrange for a qualified energy assessor to visit your site(s) and carry out a detailed energy audit.


The assessor will evaluate and qualify the benefit of installing various energy-saving technologies and services, collate all information into order and compile a detailed report and business case for you. 


The business case will demonstrate the annual savings achievable by implementing the recommended services and technologies.


The technology used to perform the audit was designed to meet BSEN16247 standards so will comply with the new ESOS regulations and will drastically reduce the man-hours and costs required to complete an ESOS assessment.

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Even though there’s no official legal requirement to implement any energy-saving recommendations, businesses are encouraged to do their part.
As a result, any costs are outweighed by the long-term financial benefits derived from reduced energy bills and increased efficiency.​