By Ross Gill . April 5, 2019

It is estimated that only 7% of businesses in the UK are operating from purpose-built premises.

This leaves the other 93% dealing with infrastructure, such as location, building suitability, access, parking, rates, connectivity & utilities, which need to be understood and managed in order to suit their needs.


Included in this is the often-overlooked electricity meter(s), more specifically the MTC (Meter Time Switch-Code). The MTC is a 3-digit code within the MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) responsible for dictating the tariff the occupier is billed on.

The 4 classic tariffs are (generally) universal across all suppliers:

Single Rate – A single rate meter has one-unit rate for every KWH consumed regardless of the time of day for energy usage.

Day & Night – A meter which bills depending upon the time of the day. The energy used at night (off peak) will be charged at a cheaper rate than the same energy used during the day. This is due to the national grid having less demand and being under less strain during these hours.

Evening & Weekend – Another dual rate meter which charges business users a higher rate during the day and a cheaper rate during the quieter periods in the evening and weekend.

Seasonal Time of Day – Often referred to as a SToD meter; this is a more complicated meter businesses may require or inherit.

SToD meters come with a host of various unit rates subject to the different times of day the energy is used, along with different months of the year. These meters are usually only beneficial to seasonal specific businesses.

MTC validation is critical in helping businesses get good energy deals and avoid any unnecessary expense. One of the first things a good, pro-active energy consultant will do is establish whether the MTC is correct.  If not, they will get this changed with the energy supplier.  Dealing with larger energy suppliers can be time consuming and frustrating.  Where energy consultants such as The Electric Board really shine, is in identifying and dealing with these issues.

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