The Electric Board is a customer service driven business. We have operated in this sector for over 10 years and recognise that the ongoing success of our business is due to building long term relationships with our clients. In order to get the best energy deal, businesses need more than a pricing tool; they need to deal with consultants such as ourselves.

When it comes to energy consultants, size is important. Some consultants are small, one (or-two) man-band operations who don’t have the number of relationships in place with energy suppliers or the internal infrastructure to truly seek out the best deal for you. Other consultants are too big; typically massive call centres where you are just a number and you lack a single point of contact. These companies struggle to deliver truly great customer service.

The Electric Board hit the sweet spot right in the middle of those scenarios. We are an agile team of around 20 energy consultants and customer services operatives, dedicated to saving you the time required to get a good energy deal and ensuring your energy prices are future proofed.

Our key differentiator is that unlike other consultants we operate transparently in regards to our commissions. The reason for this is that there are many unscrupulous consultants in the marketplace, which has caused reputational damage to the consultant market over the years.

Our aim is to change the perception of energy consultants by being transparent in our dealings. Whilst the energy consultant industry is unregulated, we firmly adhere to Ofgem’s Code of Practice (CACoP)

Our long-term approach compliments the ethical way we do business. We believe that our transparency will allow us to continually build better partnerships into the future.

The bottom line is that we are also here to make your life easier. The Electric Board is a steady, secure enterprise operating in the Energy sector for many years and will be here for many more.

To learn more about how we can help your business with Energy Savings, call our energy consultants today on 0800 254 5054