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Is your business CCL exempt? Find out how to claim your refund.

Climate Change Levy is an environmental tax on the electricity & gas you use within your business.

A charge is added to each kWh of energy used, itemised on your bill produced from your energy supplier(s), collected as part of your payment & passed onto the UK Government. Its purpose is to encourage improved energy efficiency and aid in reducing carbon emissions.

Exceptions & reduced rates are available and include domestic supplies, charities, low energy users, CCA agreements and companies operating in mineralogical or metallurgical processes.

To keep the Mineralogical & Metallurgical process sectors competitively priced & viable within the European market, it was decided in 2014 to remove up to 100% of CCL charges.

Given the nature of their industry type, Mineralogical & Metallurgical organisations are often large energy users, resulting in significant savings in CCL exclusion.

Let’s Talk Rebates

If you’re not receiving the CCL exemption you feel is due, or unsure if the levels of reduction you are currently receiving need to be re-evaluated then rest assured we can help.

We can assist with a backdated rebate of up to 4 years across multiple suppliers for both gas & power.

A call, 2 x simple forms to complete, submit to your supplier(s) who will, in turn, liaise with HMRC will see you with a refund generally within 30 days or sooner.

A comprehensive list of exemptions can be found on the GOV website

However, if you fall into any of the below categories then get in touch with The Electric Board and we can check your CCL charges and help you to reclaim any refund owed.

Glass / Refractory / Ceramics / Bricks, Tiles, Clay / Cement / Lime, Plaster / Concrete / Mortar / Stone (Cutting & Shaping) / Abrasive Products / Iron / Steel / Ferro-Alloys / Aluminium / Lead / Zinc / Tin / Copper / Casting, Forging, Pressing / Treatment, Coating

The Electric Board comprises of a team of industry expert energy procurement and business utility specialists'.

Our main focus is to evaluate all aspects of energy consumption for our clients. Often within a wide range of organisations, spanning all major industries including corporate, multi-site, SME, sole traders and charities.

​We will take a more detailed look at the consumption habits and needs, procure the best energy deal on the market for your business, and provide case studies and easy to implement tips to help you improve your carbon footprint.

​Our key differentiator is that unlike other energy consultants, energy comparison sites, and brokerages, we operate transparently in regards to our commissions. We believe a relationship based on trust and mutual affinity can produce the best results.

Call us today on 0191 466 1213 for a no-obligation chat with one of our team.

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