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Creative Gardens Northern Ireland - Case Study

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Re-Branded in 2005, Creative Gardens Northern Ireland has evolved into an Award Winning Family run business whose focus has always been on great quality plants, fantastic coffee and homemade foods, and a wonderful selection of gifts.

Here are the results of our work with CGNI;

As well as sourcing the best, cheapest energy prices, TEB also works closely with businesses to identify any changes in their energy infrastructure, which can enable them to access preferable energy contracts.


Creative Gardens Northern Ireland (CGI) is a collective of garden centres & coffee shops located in Bushmills, Donaghadee and Galgorm in Northern Ireland. Established by the Gass family in the early 1980s, the business has always remained focused on providing customers with excellent service in a highly creative and relaxing environment.


Due to changes in the marketplace CGNI were unhappy with their gas and electric renewal prices and asked TEB to do some analysis and identify how they could cut their rates.

The first step for TEB’s energy consultant was to do some work to enhance the client’s knowledge around the dramatic differences between the business and domestic energy tariff markets.

This analysis leads to a better understanding of Creative Garden NI’s energy and metering infrastructure. What was identified was that there were 3 different meters across the 3 different sites and all were on different tariffs. Some were day and night tariffs and some were single rate day tariffs and as such, it was identified that savings could be made by finding a global tariff.


TEB’s energy consultant recognised the need to change one of the physical meters at one of the sites in order to move away from the night tariff.

They then liaised directly with the energy supplier and the network on behalf of CGNI to ensure that this change was seamless and happened within a very specific time slot so as not to disrupt the garden centre business hours.

The change happened early morning and was done within a 15 minute time period. Because businesses in Northern Ireland / Ireland do not, at this point, have access to smart meters, CGNI were put onto a 3-year fixed tariff to allow them to properly budget their energy expenditure across the 3 sites.

During the course of the contract, TEB will be on hand to help CGNI with any further issues they encounter and provide a bridge between them and their energy supplier. As a part of our ongoing service to them, we will also watch the energy markets closely on their behalf.

When we identify the right time to renew their energy contracts, we will contact CGNI as we do with all our clients in good time, so they are able to get the best business energy prices.

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