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Every business needs these 3 resources to be successful

Time, money and security

Would you use a service that could offer you all three? 🤔

There's never been a more important time to optimise your business and put measures in place to protect what you've built up to now.

Time is of the essence and at The Electric Board, we know it's hard to come by when running a business.

Using a credible and energy consultant to manage your energy contracts could benefit your business in all three of these significant areas;


We can save your time by negotiating the most favourable contracts for your electric/gas/water supply and deal with your suppliers throughout the contract.


We can save you money by securing a tailored energy contract that suits your business consumption, whilst offering solutions to improve your efficiency.


We can offer business security by negotiating fixed-term contracts, avoiding future increases and standard rate pricing.

We will change your mind about energy brokerages

Included in the unit rate of each contract we propose is our service fee. Which means you have a transparent view of all costs involved before you decide on anything.

This transparent approach has resulted in countless business relationships based on trust and mutual success.

Our existing clients can give you the best insight into the value we can add, read a few of these to hear it from the people that matter.

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The Electric Board comprises of a team of industry expert energy procurement and business utility specialists'.

Our main focus is to evaluate all aspects of energy consumption for our clients. Often within a wide range of organisations, spanning all major industries including corporate, multi-site, SME, sole traders and charities.

​We will take a more detailed look at the consumption habits and needs, procure the best energy deal on the market for your business, and provide case studies and easy to implement tips to help you improve your carbon footprint.

​Our key differentiator is that unlike other energy consultants, energy comparison sites, and brokerages, we operate transparently in regards to our commissions. We believe a relationship based on trust and mutual affinity can produce the best results.

Call us today on 0191 466 1213 for a no-obligation chat with one of our team.

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