• Ross Gill

Out of the frying pan...

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Being a North East based energy procurement specialist ourselves, we are all very aware of the Utilitywise story and ultimate demise. It is a terrible blow to the region and leaves circa 570 employees out of work.

As sad as the circumstance are to those negatively affected, it does highlight a lesson that should not go unnoticed… or worse; repeated. The surge of new energy brokerage firms within the region in recent years can undoubtedly be placed on the tremendous success Utilitywise had shown. However, the staff affected are now at real risk of being pushed out of the frying pan and unwittingly accepting jobs that puts them into the fire, so to speak.

The Utilitywise model is one that has been replicated time and time again, mirrored and repeated. Fast-growing, seemingly highly profitable companies with endless recruitment drives. Hopefully, the highly skilled workforce that has found themselves a victim of fabricated successes don’t fall afoul again from one of the many of the ‘Utilitwise 2.0’ versions out there.

At The Electric Board, we operate differently. We are a mature, customer service driven business and have operated in this sector for over 10 years. We recognise that ongoing success is due to building long term relationships with our clients and creating an environment where our staff can develop and prosper.

When it comes to energy brokers, size is important. Some consultants are small, one (or-two) man-band operations who don’t have the number of relationships in place with energy suppliers or the internal infrastructure to truly help staff achieve their ambitions.

Other consultants are too big; typically massive call centres where staff and their customers are just a number. These companies struggle to deliver truly great customer service and talented people are often overlooked.

The Electric Board hit the sweet spot right in the middle of those scenarios. We are an agile team of true energy consultants and customer services operatives who place a strong emphasis on sustainable business growth and staff development. If you wish to speak with one of our team about getting involved, please click here.

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