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Torpoint Town Council - Case Study

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Our account management team contacted Torpoint Town Council to outline our services and suggest ways we could help save the council both time and money through our comprehensive list of services.

Here are the results;

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"Torpoint is the Gateway of South East Cornwall and the Rame peninsula"

Torpoint lies at the mouth of the River Tamar, Cornwall, opposite Devonport dockyard and the city of Plymouth. The river is crossed here by three chain ferries, which carry cars, buses, trucks and pedestrians across the 500-yard wide tidal estuary.

Torpoint is the Gateway of South East Cornwall and the Rame peninsula. Torpoint Town was developed to provide housing for workers at the dockyard. Naval facilities were also built around the town.

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"Many different contracts with several suppliers & various end dates"

Prior to the partnership with The Electric Board, utility management for all Council buildings had been "difficult and very time consuming" for Council staff.

There were many different contracts with several suppliers & various end dates across the Councils portfolio.

This required a much greater workload than necessary at the various renewal times, taking up valuable time and resource.

The Council had been contacted from similar companies in the past but thought the transparency, service level, communication and ease of dealing with The Electric Board stood out from the rest.

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"We placed termination and managed the change of supply for all Council sites, providing one supplier & aligning all contract dates"

Upon first inspection, we identified many of the meters were out of contract and paying much higher rates than necessary.

We carried out the exercise of collecting all usage & energy contract information for each site, allowing us to gather accurate prices from a range of various suppliers, adhering to the strict tendering requirements of the Council.

Once the Council had chosen their preferred rates & supplier, we placed termination and managed the change of supply for all Council sites, providing one supplier & aligning all contract dates.

Estimated Reads

"Ensured accurate billing going forward"

The Electric Board identified some of the Council energy bills had been based on estimated consumption figures. Estimating consumption can often lead to inaccurate bills and potentially unnecessary costs.

TEB organised Automatic Metre Readers (AMR’s) to be fitted on all meters, ensuring accurate future billing.

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"Not just gas & power"

The Electric Board don’t just deal with Gas & Power contracts: Just like with the energy contracts, TEB conducted a detailed analysis of the Councils water contracts and arranged a cheaper supplier.


"Avoid any potential penalties"

Any public building that is over 250m² needs to have a valid Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and display it at all times, failure to comply with this can result in a financial penalty of £500 for not displaying and £1000 for not holding a valid DEC and advisory report.

At the time of our analysis, Torpoint didn’t have a valid certificate or a report. We arranged for one to be carried out to avoid any potential penalties.

Torpoint Town Council now benefits from a full account management service from The Electric Board. Their dedicated account manager takes care of all utility queries and needs and is always on hand, providing a dedicated energy partner for years to come.

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