The government’s plan is to get every business in the UK using Smart Meters as soon as possible to help improve the accuracy of billing.

There are so many businesses being billed on estimated readings and unless you are carrying out a reconciliation exercise regularly you could be paying for energy you are not even using. Equally you might be getting under billed and so have built up a debt you were not aware of. This can mean that you can’t leave your current supplier and end up being stuck on out of contract rates until the debts have been cleared.

Smart meters are an addition to your existing gas and electricity meters. Just like a traditional meter, they measure how much energy you’re using. The difference is that they remotely send the data they collect to your energy supplier, cutting out the need for manual meter readings. They can send the data to your supplier in a variety of different ways – some have a SIM card and send it by mobile networks, while others use WiFi or other mobile internet connections.

A smart meter alone won’t cut your energy usage, but it can provide you with the data that will prompt awareness of your business’s energy usage and in so doing can highlight that you may need to take action.

A smart meter means your energy supplier always knows exactly how much energy you’ve used providing the basis for accurate bills.

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Trusted Energy Partner

The Electric Board partners with a large pool of energy companies, we work hard to ensure you are on the right contract with the right supplier. These companies include, but are not limited to the following:

Corona Energy
Yorkshire Gas & Power
Haven Power
Total Energy
Crown Gas & Power
Dual Energy
CNG Power up
Flo Gas
Hudson Power