In short, a good energy consultant will save you the time and hassle involved in getting the best possible business energy deal.

There are many factors affecting the price of energy such as supply and demand as well as other less tangible things like international affairs. Unlike domestic energy prices, the business sector fluctuates greatly. Energy consultants are able to navigate you through the noise and place your business with the supplier that best suits your needs.

Dealing with large energy providers is notoriously time-intensive and can be a frustrating experience for SMEs. As a result energy consultants such as ourselves exist and can deal direct with the suppliers on your behalf. You will benefit by saving time, we will also do our best to get you a great deal and offer advice on how to save on your energy bills by bringing efficiencies to your business.

Most businesses will only go through this process once every 2/3 years whereas energy consultants do this every day. What this means is that your consultant will have greater insight into market conditions and where to look to get our clients the best deal and future proof energy costs.

UK Future Electricity Price Forecast

Future Electricity Prices Forecast

UK Future Gas Price Forecast

Future Gas Prices Forecast

Utility bills can be incredibly complex. Energy Consultants can help you understand yours and identify efficiencies in your energy usage and setup. Dealing direct with suppliers can often mean that businesses end up paying more, this is due to legacy energy infrastructures within businesses.

A good energy consultant will also act as a central point of contact for the duration of the contract. consultants typically have dedicated account managers with energy firms and get preferential customer service. This means they are able to deal with issues quicker than going direct.

Finally, Energy Consultants work on commission. Some might say they work for free, but they don’t. They add a margin to your costs. That is fine as the time involved in getting your prices can be great, however it is only fair that you should know what you are paying. That is why we operate transparently, by disclosing our commissions.

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Does your existing brokers disclose their commission? We do. This helps us build trust and develop long term relationships with our clients.



We are a customer service business. We earn trust by helping our clients understand the complexities of the energy market, saving them time.



Businesses need more than an energy pricing tool. They need experienced industry practitioners who can offer a bespoke energy solution.